Pit Stop: Refueling

Behind the scenes: I still haven’t gotten back to the facebook page. Taking on the challenge to blog every day seems to be pulling me away from other stuff more than I thought. Hopefully, it’s just the newness of it. Will make a point today to go back to the blog course where I left off last week. Reviewing the lesson should get me back on track.

Since I was having trouble getting started yesterday I decided to listen to a podcast for some inspiration.  Good call.

As I got ready for work I listened to The Fizzle Show, one of my standard shows lately. The title was, get this, “Why You Are Discouraged.” It was just what I needed at just the time I needed it. They talked about the rollercoaster entrepreneurs ride on a daily basis. So glad to know even the pros go through this. (So I must be a pro already, right? Ha!)

It made me realize I need to start sharing with you some of my sources of inspiration so you can start tapping into them too. Here are the other two podcasts I’m really into right now:

Entrepreneur on Fire

The Solopreneur Hour

All of these podcasts are free and each quickly shot to the top of the charts for good reason.

The Fizzle Show is put on each week by three guys who have each had their own success before collaborating on the Fizzle project. I learn from their experiences and insights in a way that makes me laugh every week.

The other two podcasts host wildly successful guests who provide over the top information. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my ideas were sparked while listening to these shows!

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is key to success. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Think about that. I mean really think about it. It could
will mean the difference between getting out of the box or staying put.

Is there a particular website, author or speaker who is especially inspiring for you?  Please share your sources of inspiration in the comments. Doing so could make all the difference in the world to someone who sees it.

We’ll be back on the road tomorrow!



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